The Future Of Banking Is Here!

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The Future Of Banking Is Here!

Outlet Finance

Introducing Outlet Finance!

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Here at the Passivecashflow we have recently reached out to the creators of Outlet finance as well as beta tested their new alternative twist on banking! Our initial review of the website was rather taunting, but as we further explored the website and app we noticed there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes that many might not know about quite yet!

What is Outlet Finance? They are a company that is looking to give you a better rate than a regular bank account and even higher than what a high yielding bank account. How do they do this you might ask! It’s quite simple, they make loans from the money you deposit and you get a higher rate in return! No middle man between taking the interest that is yours anyway. They do this by taking the complicated aspects of being a Crypto currency lender and turn that into a completely simple format usable by anyone! Yes! No more Crypto wallets!

With that being said, many people may have not heard of outlet finance quite yet and constantly throw all their money into blockfi or a regular bank account. These are good options, but how do you know you’re not getting the best option? A regular bank account gives you a tiny fraction of what you could earn at a low interest rate of 0.05 interest while your money is slowly being eaten away by inflation every second… Then, with blockfi you’re stuck worrying that you entered the current wallet address after each transaction, Not cool..

With Outlet you can easily transfer your money from your old low rate bank and move that cash into a currently yielding 7.5% account which compounds by the second! No lousy crypto wallet codes or QR scans needed! So check out Outlet Finance and give them a whirl, they are a great team of developers with a great idea which will change the future of banking as we know it!

The Pro’s!

  • Great app design!
  • Simple Deposit and Withdraw process
  • New 6% consistent rate
  • Interest Compounds By The Second
  • 50k Security from Nexus Mutual to protect your funds from hacks
  • Great support on discord! “Ask away”
  • Constantly updating
  • Have a road map planned for new features!
  • Insurance coverage on the money you deposit up to 50k
  • Higher coverage on balances over 50k
  • They Use Fireblocks for secure transfers

The Con’s

  • New Company yet to be fully vetted
  • No security when logging into the app
  • Transparency can be slightly lacking ” Hard to find info”
  • The website is lacking Content describing what they offer in detail
  • The app only has basic functions

Overall Rating – 10/10

– Great Developers! This is one you will want to keep an eye on!

Sign up here! OUTLET!

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